William Dillon

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When we asked William Dillon about his experience at Foot Solutions this is what he had to say:

“I have suffered with a lot of foot, knee and lower back pain which had significantly curtailed my active lifestyle. I enjoyed lots of walking and didn’t want to give this up but pain and discomfort was stopping me. I tried everything but nothing worked.

A friend of mine advised me to give Foot Solutions a try because he’d had similar issues and was delighted with the help and solutions he got there.

I went into my nearest Foot Solutions store in Stillorgan, was put through a comprehensive Foot Assessment by their very experienced Pedorthist who recommended a firm orthotic (to realign my body and to offload pressure on my feet and knees) together with a pair of extra cushion walking shoes.

I am x-army so, as you can imagine, when the Pedorthist gave me a full list of exercises to do and instructions to follow, I followed them to the letter. It was explained to me that orthotics are one part of the recovery solution but it is very necessary to follow all other instructions given. This ensures a much faster recovery and I am testament to that.

Within a couple of weeks I went back into Foot Solutions to report that the pain in my feet was gone and the pain in knees and lower back was hugely reduced. Life is so much better and I am back walking as much as before. I wanted to share my experience in this testimonial so that I can help others in similar discomfort.

I am so sorry I didn’t go into Foot Solutions when I was much younger then I could have avoided all this injury! Learn from me please!”

Foot Solutions – ‘not only is William x-Army but he is also an x-film extra/actor. Here he is with Mel Gibson in Braveheart – we just had to share this because it’s so amazing (even if it is 20 years ago). Wow! Long may you be pain free William and thanks for the testimonial. Happy walking!