The Foot Solutions Experience

Step one is listening. You share with one of our foot experts any issues or concerns you might have. Any pain or discomfort. Any worries you may be feeling. All our experts are highly trained in Pedorthics, one of them will listen and begin to formulate a plan.

Next we will evaluate a range of things, including your foot biomechanics and gait pattern. This analysis takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Once completed, we’re in a great position to recommend how we can improve your foot health and alleviate any problems. Designing a solution just for you.

These solutions could include custom orthotics and/or insoles, or a personalised footwear recommendation. Finally, After the evaluation and getting you checked out, we will stay in touch, ensuring your foot wellness plan is succeeding.

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Foot Solution Consultation with patient

The Foot Solutions Difference

At Foot Solutions it’s all about understanding your needs. We provide a personalised service, that is unique in Ireland. Our one to one consultations are held in a warm and comforting environment. We understand the issues and how life limiting they can be.


We take your feet seriously and use our expertise, state of the art technology and proprietary foot analysis process to provide truly custom orthotics and stylish footwear. Complementing our customers’ lifestyles and specific health needs. But of course, the Foot Solutions difference that really matters, is the difference we can make in your daily life.

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