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Arch Supports.
It means being pain free.

Arch Supports is a word you may not be familiar with. Simply put, it means creating customised insoles that fit perfectly for feet! For millions of people, an arch support actually means the ability to live life free from pain and discomfort. Foot, knee, joint, hip, even back pain, are often the result of misalignment. A precision tailored arch support for your shoe puts your body back into balance. We have a vast range of arch supports to cater for everyone’s needs. Our precision tailored arch supports range from £295 to £335 depending on the customers individual needs and requirements.

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Technology And Expertise In Balance.

You need, and we have, both. The very latest technology and the expertise to use it for the maximum benefit. We use the latest laser scanning equipment to build up a complete picture of your feet and gait. Then, with expert analysis of the results, we design the custom made arch support that can get your body back into balance. Preventing further issues and freeing you from pain.

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