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Who We Are

We are experts in foot wellness and look after people with hardworking feet, who have a problem with pain holding them back.  Our team provides a caring service that addresses the foundation of our customers’ health – your feet. After careful analysis and evaluation, we design precision tailored orthotics and recommend advanced footwear just for you. Which transforms a decent shoe into a great one.  So that you’re free from pain.

Many of our stores are locally owned and operated by members of the community and our experienced professionals provide a caring service focused on individual attention and personalised recommendations. We are the champions of foot health and wellness, and our passion is using our expertise to improve our customers’ lives.

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  • Our Mission

    To remain the one-stop-shop for all things foot wellness by providing a personalised experience and unmatched expertise.

  • Our Vision

    To educate and empower our customers with the health benefits of custom orthotics and supportive footwear.

We take care of your foot wellness

We have one focus: your feet and how to care for them. Whether you have foot pain or joint discomfort or you simply want to optimize your body’s stability and health, Foot Solutions is the answer. Everything we do is purposed to improve foot health and wellness, thereby reshaping and improving your quality of life.

Free your feet, the rest will follow.

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