Does Wearing Nice Shoes Always Hurt Your Feet?

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Many people choose to wear shoes that hurt their feet so that they can look the part when they go out, but do not realise that the damage that they are doing to their feet can cause serious and even permanent problems.

Here at Foot Solutions, you don’t have to choose between fashion and comfort, and our professional fitters are always on hand to help you to find options that suit your feet and your lifestyle. Our aim is to enable you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle for longer, and this depends on looking after your dancing feet!

Find Great Shoes That Your Feet Will Love

If you’ve spent years wearing high heeled shoes, or shoes that are the wrong size for your feet, you may experience foot pain or problems on a regular basis. You may even believe that this is normal. However, taking the time to find shoes that are designed to support your feet in all the right places can completely change your life. Your shoes should:

1.    Not crush your toes. It’s common sense, really, that a foot will not fit into a shoe with a very narrow or pointed toe box. Our feet are simply not shaped to fit these shoes! Styles like this tend to crush the toes together, pushing them out of their natural alignment, and this can lead to debilitating deformities such as bunions and hammertoes.

2.    Have a supportive sole. Some popular styles, such as flip flops and ballet flats, have a very limited ability to support your foot because they have flat, rigid soles that do not offer any cushioning or shock absorption. This means that your feet come under a great deal of pressure when you walk, and this can cause foot pain and conditions like Plantar Fasciitis.

3.    Hold the foot firmly. Your foot should be held firmly in the shoe without slipping out as you walk, and this means you will probably need straps or fastenings that keep them in place. Shoes like toe post sandals force the foot to strain to ‘grip’ the shoe and hold it in place, and this is not good for the muscles and bones.

4.    Fit the foot properly. Many adults never have their feet measured, and may wear shoes that are the wrong size every day! This can put the feet under a lot of additional pressure, and problems such as fallen arches can be the result. Visit a specialist shoe store to have your feet measured, and you’ll find that wearing good shoes makes your feet feel great.

Visit Us To Find Shoes For All Occasions

Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding the very best shoes, socks and custom arch supports for your feet. If you are experiencing foot pain, we can help you to find a personalised solution to the problem and ensure that you can enjoy an active life again.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and embrace happy feet!