Living With Bunions: How To Find Comfortable Shoes

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A bunion is a lumpy, bony deformity of the base joint of the big toe. It is often caused by incorrectly fitted footwear, and can be worsened by shoes that crush the toes together or cause pressure on certain areas of the foot.

Having a bone deformity can be painful and awkward, but bunions can also make it difficult to find shoes that fit. Gel inserts and orthotics can help to relieve the pressure on the damaged area of the foot, but these can also limit space within the shoe, which can cause further problems. Finding shoes that are able to accommodate bunions and prevent further foot damage is tricky, so here are our helpful hints: Bunion-blog-FS

How To Find Shoes When You Have Bunions

1. Pay attention to width fittings. Children’s shoes usually come with width fittings, and it makes sense to look for width fittings as an adult, too, if you suffer from bunions. Wider styles will give you more space to accommodate the natural spread of your feet and toes, and will allow you to stand and walk in greater comfort.

2. Try a larger size. Trying shoes that are a size larger than usual may give you the space you need for your bunion. Aim for extra space in the toe box, to lessen the pressure on the joint at the base of your big toe, and ensure that your toes are not squashed and can move in comfort.

3. Consider the fabric. You may find that shoes made from a softer fabric are better if you have bunions, as they will stretch and allow your feet to spread in comfort. It’s worth trying different fabrics to find out what works best for you, but anything that is hard or restrictive will be problematic for your bunions.

4. Avoid narrow toe boxes. High-heeled shoes, or others that have pointed toe boxes, can reduce the room around your toes and cause them to be crushed together. This makes bunions worse, and increases the pain you’ll feel, and has probably contributed to the problem in the first place!

5. Visit Foot Solutions. Visiting a specialist shoe store can be a great way to find shoes that will be good for your feet. Problems like bunions are common, and there are many stylish and practical solutions available at Foot Solutions.

If you have bunions, or any other type of foot pain, our helpful and friendly experts can help you to find a good solution for you and your lifestyle. Visiting a specialist store such as Foot Solutions will allow you to access a free gait analysis test, enabling a professional fitter to see exactly where your feet need the most support according to the way you walk or run.

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