Do Your Shoes Rub You Up The Wrong Way?

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Does the collar of your shoe annoyingly rub your ankle? There may be a reason! Take a look at your heels – flattened out? As we get older the fatty pads in our feet reduce and our feet sit lower into the shoes, sometimes the shape of our arches can affect how low our foot sits down in a shoe too.

Part of our training in shoe fit is to understand how shoes are made. You may never have noticed that good shoes, especially dress shoes, are cut lower on the lateral side (outside) to accommodate the lower ankle bone. It is more expensive to make, but a far better fit. Since shoes such as runners are not dress quality, usually the shoe is cut the same on both sides. As a result, when the fatty pads on our heels flatten and our feet sit lower in the shoe, our ankle bone on the lateral side of our foot might rub on the collar of the shoe. This is not comfortable for walking and extended wear.

But, with a simple modification, we can raise your heel enough to eliminate the rub.

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