Cosmas O’Donnell

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Relief from knee pain gets Cosmas back doing the things he loves!

Manager and Head colourist of a busy hair salon in Blackrock Dublin, Cosmas O’Donnell spends 12 hours a day on his feet.

“I love what I do, but the run up to Christmas can mean 14 hour days on my feet. The pain has been so bad that I’ve spent evenings with my feet up and an ice-pack on my knee. Can you imagine the scene? Four young kids running around, excited about Santa, and Dad unable to join in!

I have fallen arches so my knees tend to take the strain. A good friend suggested I visit Foot Solutions, so I popped into the Stillorgan store.

I was invited to go through the complimentary Foot-Assessment, which included a questionnaire, an assessment of how I walk and a scan of my feet to understand pressure points. I was recommended a set of custom made arch supports and cushioned shoes. The result has been amazing, honestly it was like getting my life back!

A few months later and the pain is almost gone. It’s so important for me, I’ve been a Martial Arts instructor for years, and I genuinely thought I was going to have to give it up. Of course, MA is something you do in your bare feet but this was starting to become really painful. The arch supports affected the muscle memory in my feet, so I’m experiencing a lot less strain after a two hour session of karate. I was recommended a knee support too, which really helps.

Being pain-free is extremely important. I work hard and I have a young family. Any spare time I have I spend with them, mucking around with the kids, out walking or kicking a ball. I’d hate to have had to cut back on that.

Foot Solutions has given me ten years of my life back! I can continue with the sports I love to play, and do my job without constant nagging pain. Better still, I look forward to evenings without my knee wrapped in ice!

Foot Solutions also helped my son. He loves playing soccer, and has big dreams about being the next Ronaldo, but he has fallen arches like his Dad. He’d be in a lot of pain after a game. Foot Solutions had a look at his feet too and recommended a set of suitable OTC arch-supports for his boots. He’s delighted, the pain went away, it’s fantastic for him”.

Don’t suffer on, visit your local Foot Solutions today.