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    • Highly-trained professionals
    • Advanced assessment technology
    • Individualised, authentic orthotics
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    • Footwear that delivers comfort with style

  • Get Help for Heels that Hurt

    Lack of proper support can make your heels hurt with every step you take. But professionally fitted footwear from Foot Solutions can end the pain and get you back to enjoying life. Find out how...

  • Don’t Let Pain slow you down

    Your feet aren’t supposed to hurt – even if you’re on them all day. At Foot Solutions we have the answers you need to leave work pain free and ready to play. Learn more...

  • Do the Things You Love

    Charlie Smith loves to run, but pain in his knees, ankles and quads was cutting his mileage – until he came to Foot Solutions

  • Customer Testimonials

    Jane Dowrick, the lady who could dance all night. Read more

  • An Experience Like No Other

    No two feet are the same.  Finding the perfect solution for you requires more than just calculating your shoe size.

  • Give Them The Gift of Happy Feet !

    With a Foot Solutions Gift Voucher. Just call into us today or call us and we will arrange for you.


No matter what your activity, Foot Solutions can help boost your performance.

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