It takes a team to make shoes this comfortable and stylish. That’s why Aetrex brought together top footwear designers, over 20 certified pedorthists and advanced software engineers to create their range of exceptional footwear.

The range includes:

  • Aetrex Women’s Running Shoes. These are designed to protect you during high impact running. Aetrex running shoes offer a range of advanced features including multiple removable insoles for perfect fit.
  • Essence Casual Collection.  This unites fashion and function in a range of casuals, flats and wedges that feature Aetrex’s patented customisation technology for ultimate comfort.
  • Sandalistas. Available in four fashion-forward styles, these are made with High Tech Memory Foam to distribute your weight properly with every step.
  • Aetrex Berries. They conform to your feet effortlessly, so chic and comfortable you won’t want to take them off even at the end of the longest day.
  • Aetrex Women’s Walkers: Made of advanced materials that keep your feet healthy, cool and dry, these walkers combine good looks and great performance  in a shoe that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

Availability of styles and sizes may vary.