Susy Greaves

Susy Greaves

OUR aim at Foot Solutions is to help our customers improve their lifestyle by finding the right footwear and arch support solution. When we recently asked Susy Greaves, one of ourcustomers,for a testimonial, here’s what she had to say:

“You’ll think I’m daft but I’m still getting a kick out of bending over and straightening again without the ‘Ow’ factor! I even sat on the floor with my legs crossed the other day, like when we were children…. haven’t done that for donkeys’ years! I have just spent all day weeding in the garden ….. and I can stand up straight without being in agony. This is thanks to Foot Solutions.”

“Right from the first moment we spotted their ad in the UK their staff have been helpful, friendly and professional. We went into the Plymouth Branch, in the UK, where we were given time to explain how things work, and we were given the details of the Cork Branch, Ireland, where we live. In Cork, I was given as much time as I wanted and more care over my feet than I have ever had before. Lisa explained very clearly what she would do, and at each stage, what was happening. My overall health and back problems were taken seriously, Lisa encouraged input from both my husband, who is a doctor, and my Osteopath. I have one leg longer than the other and suffer from Scoliosis, so my gait was causing me severe problems. Since the insoles arrived Lisa and the team in Cork have been brilliant in helping me to wear them in properly and choose shoes that fit both the insoles and my lifestyle. My posture has altered dramatically, I can walk uphill comfortably, the pains in my hip and my ankle have completely disappearedand I have a lot less pain in my middle and upper back. Theinsoles are comfortableto wear, the skin on my feet is so much softer.The best thing of all isthat I can now garden without wearing a back support… and do it all day,” Susy Greaves, Schull.

Foot Solutions is the leading health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care, comfort shoes and custom arch supports, with 230 stores worldwide.

It is a company dedicated to keeping your feet healthy and balanced. A lot of foot, knee, hip and back pain is caused by lack of proper foot support. At Foot Solutions, we understand that. Our trained consultants will give you a full assessment so that they can match you with the right footwear and arch supports if necessary, analysing the way you walk and identifying pressure points. Our custom-made arch supports can improve your posture and your gait and relieve the pain in your feet and in connected areas, like your knees and lower back.

Shoes make a statement. That’s why at Foot Solutions we stock some of the world’s top comfort
brands. Whether you’re looking for a work shoe, a sports shoe or a shoe for special occasions, we have
the shoe for you. We offer specialist shoes for diabetics and people suffering from
arthritis, solutions for people like Susy, the world’s most comfortable walking shoes and even running shoes and supports for highperformance athletes.