Paul O’ Donoghue

Paul O’ Donoghue

Foot Solutions

Helps Paul After Painful Flip Flop Experience.

At Foot Solutions our aim is to help our customers improve their lifestyle by finding the right footwear and arch support solution.  When we recently asked Paul O Donoghue one of our customers for a testimonial here’s what he had to say:
I run a very busy Car Wash and Shop in Bishopstown in Cork.  Two summers ago I bought a cheap pair of flip flops for work in the heat. By September I was getting constant pain in my right foot and my doctor diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis something I had never heard of. After months of pain killers I went to a specialist and had injections into my heel (not a pleasant feeling) but this only worked for a period of time .The other avenue open to me was surgery which I did not want. Then from talking to a friend he told me to pay a visit to foot solutions on the Grand Parade which I did and I ordered a custom made pair of shoe inserts. I was scared to say it but after three to four days I was getting relief and within a two week period I was pain free.
It even changed my posture to become much straighter and now I won’t go anywhere without them. I would recommend anyone with back or foot pain to pay Foot Solutions a visit.

Paul O’Donoghue


Foot Solutions is the leading health and welfare franchise focusing on foot care, comfort shoes and custom arch supports, with 230 stores worldwide. It is a company dedicated to keeping your feet healthy and balanced. A lot of foot, knee, hip and back pain is caused by lack of proper foot support. At Foot Solutions, we understand that. Our trained consultants will give you a full assessment so that they can match you with the right footwear and arch supports if necessary, analysing the way you walk and identifying pressure points. Our custom-made arch supports can improve your posture and your gait and relieve the pain in your feet and in connected areas, like your knees and lower back. Shoes make a statement. That’s why at Foot Solutions we stock some of the world’s top comfort brands. Whether you’re looking for a work shoe, a sports shoe, or a shoe for special occasions, we have the shoe for you. We offer specialist shoes for people suffering from arthritis and diabetes, pain relieving solutions for people like Paul, the world’s most comfortable walking shoes and even running shoes and supports for high-performance athletes.

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