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Joya is currently only available at our Plymouth store Joya, the softest shoe in the world, provides a unique walking sensation. The difference to other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling as you walk sets new standards in the comfort shoe sector: the shoe combines modern lines and a comfortable... View Article

Classic Walker Women


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Xsensible footwear is far more ergonomic than other comfort shoes. It is made from beautiful materials, combined with Xsensible’s patented stretch leather technology. You will find it stretchable, lightweight, flexible, breathable and durable. Stretch-leather adapts itself to the unique form of the foot for a perfect fit. It’s the reason Xsensible footwear flexes and flows... View Article

MBT Women


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Do you remember how good it felt the last time you walked barefoot across your lawn or down a sandy beach? Then you will get the idea behind MBT’s innovative shoes. Smart and stylish, MBT shoes look like serious fun, but there’s serious science behind them. Based on a careful understanding of how people are meant to walk, their patented... View Article



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It takes a team to make shoes this comfortable and stylish. That’s why Aetrex brought together top footwear designers, over 20 certified pedorthists and advanced software engineers to create their range of exceptional footwear. The range includes: Aetrex Women’s Running Shoes. These are designed to protect you during high impact running. Aetrex running shoes offer... View Article